We understand that today is a world of change and we at R.P. Gupta Dental clinic and Orthodontic centre try our best to maintain our standards and regularly upgrade ourselves. We have an ultramodern dental clinic equipped with advanced machinery and latest technology.
Some of the technological innovations available with us include -

  • Four Kavo and One A-Dec surgical dental chairs
  • Physiodispensor and Implant kit
  • Intra Oral Camera and Digital Camera
  • IOPA X-ray machine (Satellec)
  • OPG and Lateral Cephalogram machine (Planmeca) (equipped for making all type of maxillofacial (skull) radiographs)
  • Digital Xray (Shick)
  • Special arrangement for Medically compromised and handicapped patients
  • Fully adjustable articulator
  • ULTRAVAC machine (Splint fabricating machine)
  • Power back up with Inverter and Generator
  • Centralized oil free air compressor

Our office is well equipped with all modern technological products so that patient care is at the maximum. To help you smile better is our motto. Digital Radiography

Dental x-rays are made using sensors that transmit the image directly into the computer. That means that there is considerable time saving. Besides this Digital radiography also saves a lot of Radiation..almost 90% then the conventional radiography systems. The image can also be easily altered in the computer so as to make the patient understand his dental pathology.

Intraoral Camera

Apart from using digital camera we also use Intraoral camera to make photographs. The major use here is to educate the patients so that they can actually see things that are happening in their mouth.

LCD Screens

We have attached LCD screens to the dental chair so that patient can also have a live telecast of the treatment going on his mouth. Besides if not interested in seeing treatment, patient can watch anything that interest him.. from cartoons to education movies.

High Magnification Eyeglasses

To provide optimal magnification, we use Magnifiaction glasses that are like little microscopes with a fiber optic light attached. The use of these glasses makes visible even the minutest detail thus resulting in higher efficiency.

Multimedia Education

We our waiting area is equipped with computer and our patient education room is well equipped so as to teach patients regarding various dental problems and their treatment.


Digital Intraoral X-ray unit


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