Infection Control

With a number of infectious diseases cropping up and (dreaded AIDS) on a rise, we understand the need for strict infection control and sterlization.Our practice takes stringent measures to minimize the risk of infection.

  • The clinic is sterilized daily with a fumigator to eliminate MALADOR. There is no carpeting on the floor to trap bacteria and rooms are sterilized regularly.
  • The clinic is equipped with three autoclaves and each set of instrument is separately and completely sterilized. Instruments to be sterilized are first placed in a cassette, covered with wrapping and transferred to an autoclave for heat sterilization. The cassette remains sealed until immediately before instruments are used. The wrapping serves as a sterile field on which to place instruments during procedures.
  • Any instrument used in a patient's mouth is either disposable or designed to withstand heat sterilization after use.
  • Even the switches, buttons and levers of our lights and equipment are covered with sterile plastic barriers.
  • The Doctors are also specially trained to carry out all sterilization protocols.
  • X-ray units have been under the scrutiny of both infection control as well as Radiation Hazards. We at R.P Gupta dental clinic and centre take utmost care to protect you both from radiation hazards as well as follow strict asepsis procedure. A sterile disposable plastic packet is used for each X-Ray examination.

Some of the sterilizing equipments include -

  • HOT BEAD STERLIZER (for sterilizing R.C.T instruments)
These measures are carried out rigorously and consistently and demonstrate our commitment to your safety. Your safety and protection is our motto.

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